Our Adwords Management Process


At Elite SEO, our Adwords Management process consists of devising an effective strategy and properly setting up a client campaign. This is coupled with shrewd monitoring and suitable modifications through a campaign’s life to achieve a regular return on investment for Adwords clients.


Target market Analysis

We start with an understanding the business and perform a target market analysis to:

  • Gain clarity on the target market
  • Understand the business products and services and unique selling points
  • Understand business goals
  • Determine the Adwords budget


Account Setup

If the business does not already have an account, we setup a Google Adwords account for the client by first attaining the necessary details as too other important information in the form of a questionnaire.


Campaign Organisation

Upon identifying and understanding the client’s business needs, core service offerings and researching their core target market, we begin organising their Adwords campaign.
Key Activities:

  • Identifying campaign themes
  • Determining goals for campaign themes


Keyword Selection

A sound understanding of the client’s target market combined with key service/product offerings enables us to effectively understand what keywords their target market is entering into search engines to locate their products or services. Our determination of your budget also allows us to strategically select keywords that will be suitable and effective.


Key Activities

  • Keyword analysis
  • Keyword selection


Content Creation and Improvement

Content is critical when it comes to effective online marketing. We look to provide high-quality content, with the aim of converting users that (a) see the ad (b) click onto the ad and browse the site.

Key Activities:

  • Writing Targeted Ads
  • Improving site content (and thus quality score)


Tracking with code implementation

We setup all conversion tracking code so user activity can be monitored and use observed data to make informed modifications.


Recurring Ongoing Monitoring & Refinement

Managing an Adwords Campaign requires consistent work and continual improvement. This begins with vigilant and effective monitoring, critical observation of what is working and what is not, and implementing required changes that improve a campaign. This reiterative process of monitoring and refinement leads to an increasingly healthy, responsive campaign that can provide a steady return-on-investment.


Key Recurring Activities:

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Keyword Testing
  • Modifying keywords
  • Creating and refining content