The Elite SEO Process

At Elite SEO, our Search Engine Optimisation process consists of both onsite optimisation and offsite optimisation both a part of every project strategy and performed to achieve top rankings for clients.


Our Onsite Optimisation Process


Website architecture

We provide recommendations, especially for new websites, on how content should ideally be laid out and organised on a site, and reflected in the navigation menu bar, for best search engine performance.


Metatag insertion

We create and insert suitable title and description tags for the webpages of a project website. Our title and metatags are suitably formed, refrain from being spammy and look to ideally appeal to human users not just search engine robots.


New Pages Creation

We make recommendations of any new webpages to create on a site, which specific details of what the page content should be on these new recommended webpages.


Content Optimisation

We go through the content on the targeted pages of a website and provide any make suggested improvements for value and readability, but more significantly for better SEO performance.


Canonical Problem identification

This involves ensuring that Google or other search engines are not confused with any multiple URL detection problems that a client site may have, which can inhibit ranking results. We identify this problem and provide our reseller guidelines to remedy this issue.


Hyperlink Optimisation

We make recommendations for each client regarding implementation of internal links across a website that will aid with better rankings for your targeted webpages.


Image Optimisation

We provide recommendations of image file names and image alt text to implement for better searchability.


Footer optimisation

We will ensure that the client’s website footer includes markup coding elements pertaining to the client’s name, address and phone number that will be of value, particularly should they be pursuing a local SEO campaign.


Google Analytics Integration

We install Google Analtyics for a client using a google account provided and set it up so the client can check web traffic performance.


Webmaster Tools Installation

We install Google Webmaster Tools for clients so this tool can track the status of their website and provide any important search engine information relating to their site.


We regularly review the onsite elements of a client’s website and ensure that they are onsite factors are appropriately optimised or modified, especially in light of any new up-to-date environmental changes (i.e. an algorithm update).


Our Offsite Optimisation Process


Our Offsite optimisation process is a repeated and an ongoing effort to continually perform activity away from a client’s site that enables its SEO campaign to successfully perform and develop.


Citation Building (Utilised more for a Local SEO campaign)

We build local directory submissions also known as citations every month, which assist with a client’s campaign, particularly for local keywords (any keywords that involve a location – e.g. Dentist Sydney). Building local directory profiles allows people to better find the client’s business when making searches on online directories, but most importantly lift local rankings. We submit profile details in both high quality general and niche directories, and ensure full name, address and phone number (NAP) consistency.


This phase involves:

  • Requesting our citation form be filled
  • Identifying local directories for submission
  • Profile submission


Local Directory Reviews (Utilised more for a Local SEO campaign)

We find the local directory pages where reviews should be posted to best enhance a client’s targeted search rankings. Then we send our resellers this list to pass to the client. We provide best practice guidelines so the client can follow them and encourage their own customers to submit suitable reviews on our recommended sites.


Link Identification Analysis

This phase also called link prospecting involves identifying all the places on the web that are most effective to place links. We look to only place links on high quality sites that are therefore more resistant to any algorithm changes of Google.


This phase typically includes:

  • Competitor backlink analysis
  • Link prospecting
  • Online relationship development


Content Creation

We then look to create suitable and high quality content in which a link will be embedded, and submit this content with link on high quality sites that we have identified, of which a suitable relationship has been established with the site owner.


Our content creation involves:

  • Predominately article/blog Creation;but occasionally also:
  • Infographics Creation
  • Slideshow Creation


Content Promotion

Once content is created, we look to promote this content using online and social strategies so that content can be effectively seen by people online and ideally liked, shared or linked to.
Our content promotion activities include:

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Media (should the client also have a social media campaign established)