Our Social Media Management Offering


Research indicates that 62% of Australian internet users have a presence on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Such statistics are only going to rise as people’s involvement and activity in social media becomes more prevalent. Businesses that are jumping onto the social media freight train are ensuring that they are staying relevant and won’t be falling behind when it comes to capturing emerging opportunities that are rapidly opening up online.


Remaining up-to-date and having a presence on social media can increase brand awareness, strengthen loyalty and provide a sense of community belonging, increase traffic to a website, aid SEO results and effectively engage and communicate important information to an audience.


Our social media management service offers resellers a service that begins with diligent research and understanding a client’s marketing strategy, their target market and the initial audience that will be a part of their social campaigns. We provide questionnaires to gather as much valuable information as we can. We then develop a social media strategy that seeks to meet the client’s goals. This strategy is executed by identifying or creating fitting, shareable content, and making posts that compel people to check out such information and engage with the business. And finally, we effectively engage with people on social campaigns as they respond to posts with comments.


For a full and detailed look at our social management process, check out our social media process page.