Our Social Media Management Process


Our Social Media Management process involves a sound understanding of the client’s marketing strategy and objectives. It then seeks to perpetually create or source suitable material to engage an audience, achieve marketing objectives and offer value to a continually developing online social community.


Understanding the client’s marketing strategy

We seek to gain an understanding the client’s marketing strategy by asking questions in the form of a questionnaire that aims to comprehend:

  • Brand and personality
  • Products and services
  • Overall business objectives
  • Marketing plan and activities and target market
  • Social media platforms to use
  • Partners
  • Competitors.


Develop a plan to build and engage an online audience

We will work to develop a strategic plan to build and engage the client’s online audience. This will involve considering the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of engaging with its audience online?
  • How will engaging with its audience through social media complement/build on/integrate with existing marketing activities?
  • In what ways can they create value for its target audience through social media? What will be of interest to its target audience on social media?


Collect and/or develop content

We will seek to collect or create suitable content that will form the essence of social media posts made to engage a client’s audience.


Execute strategy by making suitable posts and engaging with an audience

We will finally implement posts and look to consistently engage with the client’s social community to develop relationships, strengthen brand awareness and create potential sales opportunities.

The collection and creation of content followed by posting and engagement will be performed recurrently. It will also appropriately modify in response to a developed understanding of the audience and what brings them value, in addition to a developed understanding of the client and their up-to-date activities and objectives.